iPhone 11 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features, iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, with iOS13


iPhone 11 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features, iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, with iOS13.I have 10 tips tricks and any features that you guys absolutely must try now you can email like a pro using way more gestures and a whole bunch of other epic new features.

  1. Maps  

and all the epic cool new things you can do within maps I decided to use in New York as my example but of course you can use your city or wherever it is you stay .but if you head over to satellite view and then click on this 3d icon you can toggle around within the 3d map and rotate your view zoom in or zoom out it’s really  interesting and it gives you a great sense of the area you’re going to visit or you’re currently in if you check out this view .

but now what’s really cool and an epic thing you can do is place it pin down anyway on the map and then as you see right over here it says look around and if you click on that you get an entire 3d immersed experience of exactly where you place that pin the look-around feature .does t work in certain popular destinations but still what about your phone and try it out now in your city .


iPhone 11 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features.Features so first up you can toggle between the two lenses on the iPhone 11 just as you see there but what you can also now do is if you’re taking a picture and decide you want to start taking a video you simply just hold down on the shutter button and bam it starts taking a video

.you can even lock the video by just swiping right once you click and hold that on the shutter button and you can still then toggle between the two different lenses or if you click and hold to the left it’ll take a burst shot and once done you can go back and choose out of those first pictures which were your favorites .you can also get those slow fees now aka slo-mo selfies. then this one I picked up from mkbhd if you put on the backlight of your iPhone 11 it’ll actually illuminate the frame of your phone try it out it’s really cool.

3.Email like a pro

Ofcourse in this day and age not only do we use our devices to make calls and messages etc but to type out emails. and now you can make your emails look super slick and professional within iPhones mailing apps.so as you can see there is a toolbar just above the keyboard with a whole bunch of epic features so if you highlight and select some portions of your text and then click on this text icon you can completely customize the way your text looks. you can change the font and as you can see there are a whole bunch of different fonts to choose from.

so it is completely up to you and then once deciding on the font you can change the color there is this massive color board to choose from and honestly the options .are endless you can also make your text bold strikethrough underline italics you name it there are a bunch of different features to make your email look fantastic  from there you can head back to the tool add a bunch of extra documents images attachments whatever it is you’d like and at the end of the day  you have made such a professional email straight from your phone .

4. Quick keyboard

This is something that Android devices have had for ages but you can now do on an iPhone which is epic so traditionally you would usually type out a message like this, but now you get quick path keyboard on iPhones . and quick paths is when you literally slide from letter to letter to create your word just as you see me doing here and surprisingly and this is so accurate guys I didn’t think it would be but I was very pleasantly surprised and I don’t think I’ll be going back to the traditional typing method anytime soon simply because the quick swiping is so much faster and as you can see in the quick path method of typing is just as accurate as normal typing love it .

5. Scan and Attach

iPhone 11 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features. Scanning documents is another awesome new feature that you can access via files so. if you click on that browse icon then these three dots in the top right-hand corner you will see the option that says scan documents and if you click on that you can hold up any document. your heart desires and it will automatically start trying to detect what you are trying to scan but once you have captured your image you can change the corner anchor points to wherever you’d like so I was just lining them up a bit more accurately .

then select keep scan and then if you go back to that scan you can actually change it with these little filters and make it look more like a scan you can make it black and white you can make it grayscale or use it just as an image . so I really enjoy this feature and you can even go back and add more scans one after the other just like a document.

6.Apps Action  

My favorite new additions and if we click and hold down on any applications you’ll now see a bunch of quick actions that you can select from just from holding down the icon so as you can see here you can view posts to view activity straight onto Instagram.I love this new addition and makes life so much easier and then to rearrange any icons just tap and hold down select rearrange apps and then just like that and you can move apps around just like you always have in the past another quick action is previewing any notification so if you swipe down the notification panel and long press on the notification as you can see you will get a nice little preview box of the message or email and even respond from there.

7. Memoji

Now, this is a really fun one and let’s say you’re busy saving your friend’s contact on your cell phone. you add the number but you don’t have a picture of them here is where you can get creative and have a little bit of fun so if you click on add photo once in there you will see this little plus icon and if you select that you can now create a meme emoji of your friend I think this is so cool .

and it is so much fun trying to get the mean emoji to look as close to your friend as possible and there are so many different features to choose from but then once you’ve created the mean emoji just turn your phone to face you .and then the meme emoji mimics whatever your face is doing you take a picture upscale it and do whatever you want then just select a cool background color and now in future when your friend phones you then emoji will show up.

8. Quick access

quick access features that we seriously needed on iPhones. so if you go into the control center click and hold down on the Wi-Fi button. it’ll open up this little menu but then again a long press on the Wi-Fi button and you will see you cannot access any Wi-Fi straight away without having to go into settings .

the same goes for Bluetooth just long-press on the Bluetooth icon select your device and again just like that you can quickly connect to a device without having to go via settings. if you head back to the control center and long press on the brightness icon you cannot toggle on dark mode but what’s really cool is not only will it changed the settings in such a to dock mode but it even changes the wallpaper to a darker toned wallpaper.

9.Long screenshots

how to take screenshots on your iPhone but did you know you can actually get full-page screenshots .and what I mean by that is if you’re busy browsing the internet or a specific webpage and take a screenshot at the top there you will now see this option that says full page if you select that as you can see you now have a screenshot of the entire webpage that you were just on. not only that you can then go and edit on top of that screenshot with highlighters or markers change the colors change the thickness and make whatever notes you need to but it can all be done on either the standard screenshots or that really long full-page one.  you can also take the full page screenshot on webpages so not only internet searches and once you’ve taken any screenshots or made any edits you can then share that screenshots via email or messenger WhatsApp you name it.


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