I want his home button on the iPhone by Donald Trump


image credit: MobyGeek.com

Donald Trump seems to have recently switched to an iPhone without a home button, and he doesn’t seem to like it very much

There is no need to solve complicated equations to understand the mind of US President Donald Trump. This is only if you keep an eye on his Twitter account. No morning, no afternoon, no account of who writes, he keeps tweeting. People have named the tweet-storm. This time he tweeted about the iPhone.

image credit: Watson

President Trump has probably started using an iPhone for the new model. That doesn’t have a home button. And the absence of the home button is the reason for his anger. What dislikes it so much is that Apple did not forget to report it to Apple CEO Tim Cook on Twitter. Somewhat lighter though. Yet the president is talking! “The team, swipe the iPhone was much better than the home button.
Whether Trump has taken the iPhone TenS, the iPhone TenR, or any smartphone in the iPhone11 series, we have not had the chance to know. The home button has been removed from this model’s iPhones to accommodate the display throughout the front. Ten of the screen when the iPhone came on the market in 2017. The Home button on the iPhone 8 at the latest.

Trump began to use the iPhone and Android in March 2017. However, it is not known which model you started using. Since the iPhone Ten didn’t come out, it certainly had a home button.


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