Google Chrome “Release Channels” – Which to Choose?


statistically most of you are probably using Google Chrome
as your web browser but which version of Google Chrome did you know there’s
actually several different versions or so called update channels and there are
four of them to be exact these are the stable update channel the beta the
developer and the canary build and no unfortunately the fable to Google Lurton
is not one of them but we are going to be talking about the four that I just
mentioned in this video talking about the differences between these different
versions and which one you might want to consider using if you want to change
from the

stable version at all before we get any further though I
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description so now let’s get started so first up we have the stable version of
Chrome this is the main one that gets pushed

 out to everybody and
this is the one you’re going to be using unless you specifically sought out one
of the other versions so if you don’t know which one you’re on this is the one
you’re on the stable version gets a ton of testing before it’s finally pushed
out to everybody obviously they don’t want millions of people to get a version
of chrome that has a

 bug in it that even
if it only affects a small percentage of people that’s still a lot so ideally
it should be completely free of bugs and the stable version also has all the
fully developed features there’s no you know half-baked features in there that
are enabled by default at least there might be some in the hidden flags menu
but that’s for another video and the stable version doesn’t get updated too
often usually every several weeks at least and only after all these features
and it’s been gone through all the other development

 channels already
however when we start to get into the other update channels things start to
change so first of all we can talk about the beta version where if you go on
Google’s Chrome website they have a page for each of these and you can see only
beta page

there’s a couple different description boxes so one says
preview features in development so you can get features early obviously also it
says give feedback to make chrome a better browser so since you’re going to be
testing these features ahead of time they’re gonna be taking a look at your
feedback more close and then also that it’s updated

weekly and if you look at these support pages for the
different update channels it’ll tell you that the beta version gets updated
about four to six weeks ahead of the stable version so even though it’s updated
weekly those updates are gonna

 be at least four to
six weeks ahead of when they would be released on the stable now even though
the beta version is not technically the stable version it is mostly stable so
it should be free of any major breaking bugs and it should be mostly bug free
in general except for maybe some less obvious ones that got through the testing
but by the time that bill does make it to the stable version it will have gone
through significantly more testing still so then everything should be
completely ironed out and the beta version is mainly going to be for people who
just want to test out new features of Chrome and get them a little bit early
but don’t want to deal with a very unstable browser and another good use for it
is if you’re a big organization like a corporation with thousands of users what
you can do is set a small percentage of users to use the beta version

of chrome so that way if there’s any issues with new features
or updates coming down the line of chrome that are incompatible with like your
corporate network or your website or whatever then you’ll be alerted to that
early because there will be a

small percentage of people complaining so then you can fix
your network fix your website before all those features are finalized into the
stable version which everyone’s going to be using so it’s a good way to kind of
get a heads-up if anything is gonna be going wrong and that would be four
issues there with your network not necessarily chrome now the third

update channel we can talk about is the developer channel or
just dev Channel and on the page for that they have a couple description boxes
that says develop websites for the next version of the web test cutting-edge
web platform api’s and that it’s updated weekly and on the support pages it
actually says that it’s 9 to 12 weeks ahead of the stable

 version and therefore
it would be about five to six weeks ahead of even the beta Channel and the
developer channel is probably the one where you would have to start to maybe
worry about stability issues where probably the most obvious glaring crashing
bugs would already have been filtered out in the canary version which we’re
talking about in a second but there might

 be significant bugs
that aren’t glaringly obvious to everyone using it that haven’t been patched
out yet that would be in the beta version and I believe the developer channel
like the name of the channel suggests is mostly going to be for developers no
surprise there so it’s gonna be for maybe web developers web app developers who
want to be able to make sure that their website is going to be ready for these
new features new

ap is way ahead of when they get released into even the beta
version let alone the stable version so they might run the developer Channel so
they have 9 to 12 weeks to get things ready if they use the beta version and
only realize their website doesn’t work on the beta version well then you know
they have four weeks or so and who

knows depending on how big your company is if it takes a
long time to get features pushed out then four weeks might not be enough
whereas if you spot it in the developer channel you’ll at least have a lot more
time hopefully enough time to fix them before anyone else using the beta or
stable version will ever see them finally though we have the canary version
which I think might be the most interesting one this is completely
bleeding-edge this is like I want the features as soon as they’re developed off

 coders desk I want to
be able to use it that sort of thing and on the info page it pretty much has
the same info as the developer Channel except that it does say that it’s
updated nightly so theoretically every day however it’s important to note

 that the canary
version might have very little testing done if at all for some features so you
have to expect it to be very unstable there might even be huge bugs that like
prevented from working all together until yet another update gets pushed out
maybe the next day or so now I haven’t found any official page that shows how
far ahead the canary version is ahead of the stable version typically but I
have to assume that if the developer

is going to be 9 to 12 weeks then canary is probably at
least 12 weeks ahead but to give you an idea at the time of making this video
the current stable version of Chrome is on 78 and the canary version is on 80
so it’s a full 2 major update versions

ahead of the stable version but in any case it is updated
pretty much as soon as the features are coded by the developers but one
consequence of this is you might get see features come and go when you’re using
this so if you get or attached to a feature it might be gone the next day and
never even make it to the developer or stable channels so really the Canary
version is made for people who just need the most cutting edge of the browser
for whatever reason and this might be developers again who just want to be able
to kind of mess around see what’s coming out of interest and for anyone who has
no real concern about the stability of the browser all right now before we
continue and help you decide which of these channels you might want to use
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description so now let’s continue so at this point you might be thinking whom
there’s so many good choices which channel should I use and the first thing you
have to understand is that you can only choose one of the first three so

I have stable beta and developer you can only have one at a
time and whatever one you choose is going to install over the previous one you
are using so for example if you’re using stable and you download and install
the beta version the beta version is the one you’ll be using now the stable
won’t exist on your computer to be uninstalled and even though your settings
should carry over between versions even if you do reinstall it if you’re going
from like the developer version back disabled and you’re having really big
issues with the developer version

there might be some issues going back the settings I don’t
know might not carry over so you probably just want to be at least aware of
that however the Canary version is a little bit different and you can install
that separately we’ll get to that in a second I think for most people staying
on the stable version is completely fine it just works most people really don’t
even notice the new features getting added to Chrome unless it’s like a very
obvious visual feature so you probably wouldn’t even care and you’d probably be
more upset if you know scrum

randomly starts crashing one day then you’ll have to go and
like try and reinstall a stable version again and it might just be a pain so
probably just stick with the stable version unless you specifically want and
are willing to take the risks of maybe having a little bit less stability now
if you are willing to trade a little bit of that possible instability for the
new features then the beta version will probably be fine it does get a
reasonable amount of testing so you know it got that several weeks of testing
when it was in the developer phase and even the canary phase before it so it’ll
probably be fine you probably won’t

experience any major crashes if you’re using it but there
might be some less obvious bugs hidden under the surface where if you do come
across it well that might just be one that hasn’t been fixed yet and you could
send feedback on it now as for the developer Channel honestly

I would probably not recommend that one at all because it’s
going to be the most unstable if you want super new features honestly it’s
probably just better to go with the canary build and the reason for that is you
can install the canary build separately in addition to one of the previous
three so you could have the stable version and the canary separate or the beta
version and the canary separate and that way you can have both and when I say
separate it really is a completely separate installation so it’s gonna have separate
bookmarks separate login for your chrome separate settings all that and I guess
the reason they offer canary as a separate installation is because it’s
probably just so

 unstable and so often
changing that no one in their right mind probably would want it as their main
version of chrome it’s pretty much exclusively for testing stuff out so that’s
probably why they offer it separately but one reason I do personally have the
canary version installed in addition to just the stable version which I normally
use is it’s

good if you come across something that is not working in
Chrome you’re not sure if it’s a bug then you can also load up the canary
version and see if the bug also happens and behaves the same in the canary
build and that way you can know okay this is probably just a chrome bug at
least it’s fixed in one of the newer versions and if it’s a bad enough then you
can see okay maybe I’ll try updating to the beta version and see if the fix is
in that one or if it’s not maybe try the developer version whereas if it is
broken in the stable version you try the canary and it’s still broken in the
canary you know it’s probably just something you’re gonna

have to figure out yourself maybe it’s not chrome you get
the idea now as a side note I should point out that these different channels of
chrome are available not just on Windows but other operating systems as well
and you can see that on the different pages and you can see that the beta
version is available on all operating systems even mobile so it’s on Windows
Mac Linux Android and iOS the developer version is available on all of those
except iOS and then the canary version is only available on Windows Mac and
Android so not on iOS or Linux now if you don’t use Google Chrome mostly and
you’re just kind of watching this video out of interest

you might be interested to know that actually other browsers
have similar channel structures so for example the new upcoming Microsoft edge
which Microsoft is completely remaking based on Chrome has the same channels as
regular Google Chrome so it has the beta dev and canary versions so those are
available and also if you use Firefox instead of Chrome it has similar channels

are called beta developer and the last one is nightly
instead of canary because it gets nightly builds and does say on there that it
gets daily updates so now hopefully no matter what browser you’re using you
should have a pretty good idea of maybe if you want to change to one of these
channels or not at least

you’re well-informed so I want to give one more thanks to
Squarespace for sponsoring this video again be sure to check that link down in
the description at slash geojo if you guys want to keep
watching another video I recommend watching next is one I’m a talking about
seven windows features that you should maybe consider enabling that are not on
by default so I’ll put that link popping up right here it’s a pretty
interesting one and


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