Best Free Video Editing Software in 2020

Best Free Video Editing Software in 2020
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Best Free Video Editing Software in 2020

I want to share with you my top 5 picks for free video editors that run on Windows Linux and Mac.we’re gonna take a quick sneak peek into all 5 of these programs. Best Free Video Editing Software in 2020 top 5 free editing software.


The programs are shortcut olive DaVinci Resolve kdenlive and blender and these are all completely free to download.and use they’re not limited trial versions with the exception of DaVinci Resolve it does have a paid professional version but the other 4 are open-source software legitimately completely free and so if you’re interested in learning how to use these. I also have tutorials teaching how to use each of these 5 free editing software
let’s dive right in the first program. that we’ll look at is shotcut shot gets a great video editor with a nice clean interface they put a lot of effort into making this user-friendly and easy to use. but it’s still very functional you can work with 4k video footage it accepts a wide variety of images and video formats and it can also export in different formats it has preset for exporting to YouTube.

if you want to make youtube videos you can do really good color grading and adjustments this is an example of keyframing color grading just to show that most of the different effects you can apply you can also do with keyframes. the chroma key is pretty decent you can remove a green or blue background. And then place either video or images overtop or behind a video to create sort of a composite effect and so it’s a really good program and I would definitely recommend looking into shot cut as a video editor that you might consider using the.



next one we’ll look at it’s Olive Video Editor this is the newest of the five and it has very similar functionality to a shot cut it has multiple different tracks that you can use you can work with audio and video and images you can create slideshows. you can apply different video effects to the images as well really good transitions and just very easy to use. interface all of is still being developed and so some of the features are a little bit lacking right now but I’m excited to see where they go in the future you can adjust the speed of clips you can change the image picture and the color and this is for a 5 free editing software

I was using olive and shot cut to do a lot of my video editing here on the YouTube channel also both of them all actually that we’re going to talk about today run on Windows Linux and Mac really good text tool. actually one of the better text tools I would say for working with text is found in Olive something cool. you can do is compositing to so you can keyframe like an image like this and create like an animated splash screen or a video intro, to your video or even you can create basic animation using Olive.

Best Free Video Editing Software in 2020


The next one we’ll look at is DaVinci Resolve now this one is proprietary software and they release a free version. but I wanted to include it because it’s such a great piece of software but just know it’s not open source and they could end the free version at any that maybe something to steer clear if you want reliability but it’s a great piece of software it’s really good for working in a team environment.unfortunately, some of what you run up against in the free version is that it’s like a limited. best free video editor.

it’s a limited trial version. so not all of the effects and features work in the free version. it can do everything that we talked about in the last two as well though you can work with video audio multiple different tracks here’s an example of running into a feature that’s disabled in the free version. it has a compositing engine called fusion as well that you can work with it’s similar to After Effects so if you’re doing something more an After Effects and then you want to integrate that with a video that’s good but also DaVinci Resolve has amazing color grading support. so if you want to do color grading or improve images I’ll recommend that.

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The next program we’ll look at is kdenlive Katyn labs been traditionally a strong Linux only video editor. but in the past several years they’ve made really great leaps to bring it to Windows and Mac and .now it runs great on all three this has some really extensive tools that you can use very advanced video editing tools. I would say this is more advanced than some of the other ones that we’ve looked at so far you can really create some professional work with it and this learning curve is a little bit steeper and it’s also not as intuitive or maybe that just become that’s because it’s a little bit more advanced of a piece of software. Best Free Video Editing Software in 2020

But you can create the animation you can do compositing you can keyframe you can adjust the audio at different levels like we’re doing here but just an example of the animation a little bit some of its almost counterintuitive. I would say but the features are very very it’s very full-featured and what it does offer it does really really . well, you can do a green screen you can do some animation.

basically, like this where you bring in something and then animate it along a path which is really cool. the rendering on it’s a little bit slow I think it’s CPU only right now one thing I love about kdenlive is that it runs on just about anything I’ve run on a Raspberry Pi here it is running on a modified Chromebook so very low-end hardware it can still run and edit video on so. if you have an older computer you might consider using kdenlive as your Video Editor.

free video editors in 2020.


The last program will look at is blender now blender is actually a 3d modeling program and it just happens to have a built-in video editor. but it is a very powerful video editor if you already use blender this is probably the video editor you’re gonna want to use because all the interface is the same as working with the blender you can work with multiple tracks it has lots of different compositing effects and. Best Free Video Editing Software in 2020

if you have an animation like a 2d animation in a blender or a 3d model that you want to convert or that you want to do something within a video. I imagine it would work really well using the blender video editor so it’s really powerful I haven’t used it a lot myself this is just showing some examples and so hopefully I can get more familiar with it as well. and create maybe some video tutorials teaching how to use the blender video editor. I’ve heard really good things about it I would say it’s a little bit more of a steeper learning curve especially if you’re not already familiar with the Blender interface it can be a little bit more difficult for beginners.

one cool feature I like is multi-camera support so if you’re filming an event and you have multiple cameras you can use this multiple camera selector and let you just choose which camera you want to use and this can be something difficult in other video editors but blender seems to have a pretty good handle .on it you can also apply different filters and effects do color grading and 5 free editing software

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