Make Your Internet World Super Duper Fast and Secure Using WARP


Cloudflare’s WARP Secures iOS and Android Web Traffic for Free

What is WARP?

WARP is a VPN. But it’s not the same as every other VPN, and its procedures are not the same as every other VPN’s, or it doesn’t work the way we think, WARP works through a new method. Looks like you have a bit of trouble with it. There is no reason to worry, I will clear in the next discussion. with WARP

On November 27th, Cloudflare first released the application. And this app was very simple an app. The task of this application was to change your phone’s networking system using Cloudflare’s own DNS server instead of the default DNS server assigned by your Internet service provider. This allows you to use the Internet over Fast and Secure DNS instead of Slow DNS.

As you can easily understand, all of us who use the Internet are basically using Google’s own public DNS server. And Cloudflare’s WARP application offers the same service, but Google’s DNS server’s Cloudflare’s DNS server is much faster and therefore your current broadband Internet speed will seem faster than ever and indeed faster than ever. Will be

The app was named WARP at the beginning of the app development and release, and you’ll find this app in the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store.

WARP is a part of the Cloudflare app.

And later WARP is added to the app, so WARP has now become part of the app. Hopefully you understand everything right now.

However, WARP changes some of your Internet settings or layers when connected to a VPN. On the other hand, WARP is a VPN, but it is not the same as any other VPN that you have used or heard of before.

What is DNS?

Let’s know what DNS is? All web site addresses, such as www.google.com, are used to convert IP (Internet Protocol) addresses such as to this DNS (Domain Name System) server.


DNS is often called the Internet Phone Book. Also known as a nameserver because you can easily connect to that web site when you search the browser by typing microsoft.com or facebook.com. Because the DNS server transforms their domain name into an IP address by default. There is no single computer that can record billions of DNS. Instead, they are distributed across many DNS server machines around the world.

Nameserver is the Internet Phone Book, do you remember?

The way nameservers are designed, there are machines that have the ability to search each TLD (Top Level Domain), so that their own nameservers return to the records they contain. And TLD is three characters like “com” or “net” that you add to the end of the URL type in the browser.

So you can imagine how many different machines are used to convert web addresses to IP addresses, what we type and how to convert them into strings so that our phones and computers can easily connect to any web site on the Internet.

You may also think that some of those machines are very busy and can be very slow. However, if you are typing a web address and the web site is loading but nothing is coming, a portion of the wait time may be due to DNS resolution. Also, Google or Cloudflare’s nameserver doesn’t track any of your information just as fast as your web site request, and so that’s a really good thing for us.

What is VPN?

You might think VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network tool that keeps you more private on the Internet or can access your country-restored content, but they are actually by-products.

Do you know What was VPN designed and created for?

VPN was “invented” to connect you directly and securely to a remote network.

VPN is not required to be encrypted, and even it can’t hide your traffic – but it can only change who can see it. There are many great VPNs that also encrypt your Internet traffic and hey to hide your identity, also allow you to browse the web privately and access all its content. WARP, however, is not such a VPN and does not work like a traditional VPN.

How does WARP work?

WARP is a VPN that does not hide your original IP address (where is your location or who you are) but encrypts your Internet traffic and uses Cloudflare’s own DNS server. Also WARP rolled in the app. And this application protects your DNS requests from being “sniffed” on any of your local and unsecured networks, such as: WE WiFi Router can be used freely in Dhaka, and a VPN encryption on your Internet connection when the WARP app is active. With Layer Aid, you’ll be able to browse on the Unsecure Network in a secure way.


WARP Plus WARP is free to use, but Cloudflare’s WARP + also offers a premium package. In this WARP + Premium version, the free version offers all the features as well as an additional handy premium feature – and all your requests on the Internet are sent via Cloudflare’s network, so all your information is safe.

And this feature is known as Argo Smart Routing, and WARP + ensures that whatever you don’t want to see from the Internet is slowed down by extra traffic. Depending on your location, the WARP + Premium fee is a bit higher, and Cloudflare says this is done to make sure it matches the Big Mac.

If you want to hide your IP or change your Internet access location, Cloudflare’s WARP is not the right solution for you. Instead, you can use the DNS that your ISP provided to you by default or any other VPN with Google’s DNS server. Also, if you search the Internet you will find many VPNs from which you can use your preferred VPN. However, keep in mind that many VPNs collect your personal data. There are many securities to use from

WARP.How to use WARP

First, you can download this app from Google Playstore or App Store by searching Faster & Safer Internet in search bar or click this link to download directly from Playstore or click this link to download this app from App Store. After you are done downloading and installing, open the app.

Should We Use WARP?

Now talking about whether we should use WARP? Because the key to any VPN service is its privacy. It’s also worth a look to see how much WARP respects your privacy. I’ve been sharing my experience with you for quite some time.

First up is the WARP Cloudflare service. So we can be sure enough. WARP does nothing to harm the Internet, and no matter what you read on the Internet, it does nothing bad. Rather, make your Internet secure and fast.

But Cloudflare is not a “VPN” and a “VPN”, it gives users the first little bit of confusion, and it seems to me to be the very first configuring. But since this is a completely new technology, it may be a little difficult to understand the first thing. But if you have a complete idea about WARP, I have been trying to figure out how WARP has to offer, after tying up with WARP, to figure out how much WARP has to offer, I don’t know. Leave it to your discretion.

We have already learned, what the DNS key or DNS key does, and how the nameserver or encryption works. You should not have any confusion about this. And so using WARP you can be sure that you get extra security when you use the Internet. However, as I have said before, this service does not provide you with any services that may conceal your location or identity. However, with this app you can secure your privacy more easily. If you are a more power user then you should read the terms and services of the app before pressing OK button.

photo by :vpnMentor

The last word believes the WARP app will greatly help with your daily internet browsing and privacy protection.



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